Social Video

Videos for social media.


"...Adding even a small 2-minute video to your front page could increase your SEO ranking by more than 40%..." source: Google

I produce video content for use on social media and corporate websites.

Video content is more interesting, gets more information across and is more likely to be shared with others.

A video that explains a product or a service will get you more business.  And with the right tagging and metadata it's google-friendly too.

Once produced it can be optimised for any format: full-scale broadcast quality, a podcast, a blu-ray disc or for a specific social network or video sharing channel like Youtube, Facebook or Vimeo.

Video content can be put to many uses for internal and external communications:

- Testimonials from partners or users

- Product training or Technical demonstrations

- Induction for new staff by HR

- Charitable or corporate events

- Company or investor announcements

- Viral marketing

- Video Adverts (MPUs) for deployment in websites










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